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Creative Ignition is a free festival that showcases what Birmingham has to offer to creative young people through a series of masterclasses, workshops, talks, mentoring sessions, networking activities and much more! Over the two days, you will meet lots of new faces, learn lots of new skills and discover lots of exciting opportunities across the city. You will hear the words of wisdom from industry professionals, and get inspired by the creative minds that surround you.

Being a creative, valuable, accessible and fun event it will help encourage young people to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other whilst developing an increased understanding of the arts, practitioners, and cultural organisations in Birmingham.

How should you brand yourself as an artist? How can you earn money doing what you love? How can you make the most of being in a room filled with other creatives? Find out at Creative Ignition as we build the bridges between young people and the Birmingham arts scene, preparing you for your exciting futures in the creative industry.


Our first Creative Ignition event took place in February 2018. Take a look at some pictures from the event:


I WENT TO CREATIVE IGNITION AND… Very informative and interesting, loads of important information form people in the industry. Everyone had different experiences, which were interesting to learn about especially from those who had done the same course.

I WENT TO CREATIVE IGNITION AND… Creative Ignition was a great opportunity for me to start considering what I will do after graduation and how to do it.

I WENT TO CREATIVE IGNITION AND…  It was the best. Informative, fun and friendly.