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Masterclasses for creative minds. A great chance for aspiring creative professionals to upskill and develop themselves. Whether they’re a student, graduate, professional, or they simply want to learn,  Headstart will give them opportunity to learn new skills, build their confidence, make connections, and get a head start into their creative careers. The masterclasses, facilitated by the city’s top industry professionals, will take place at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire once a month, each masterclass lasting between 1 and 3 hours. The topics of each masterclass will aim to fill the gaps in the curriculum, teaching participants the essential skills that are rarely taught in the current education system. Where colleges and universities teach students ‘how to do the work’, we aim to teach participants ‘how to get the work’, answering questions such as; ‘How can we earn money doing what we love?’ ‘How can we make the most of being in a room full of like minded people?’ and ‘How can we brand ourselves as creative professionals?’  Headstart will be a creative, valuable, accessible and fun series of events that will inspire, educate and empower the creative professionals of tomorrow.